Council Evangelical Apostolic Church of God, located in Elizabeth, N.J, was founded in 1976 by Dr. Rev. Karl E. Joseph.  Council Evangelical Apostolic Church of God also known as C.E.A. Church of God, met for the first time with ten people in attendance. The location for this first meeting was in the living room of one of the member’s house in Elizabeth, New Jersey. C.E.A Church of God was the first Haitian church in the city of Elizabeth at that time.  After the first service in the living room, a church on 1st street agreed to rent space to the Haitian worshippers.  For three months, they had Sunday services after the landlords had finished their own.  The next location was a sublet, a storefront church on route 1&9 and Flora Street in Elizabeth.  They stayed there until 1981, when they managed to buy their first home; a three-story building at 143 Catherine Street.

Immediately, the word of C.E.A. Church of God began to spread, and believers of God came to be a part of the changes that God was doing in the city of Elizabeth at C.E.A Church of God.  God continued to bless the church, and the church membership exploded, causing a need to find a larger location to worship the Lord. In 1993, the church moved to 67 Prince Street in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where it is currently located. In November 2002, the church moved to a temporary location while the sanctuary underwent an intensive makeover and renovation, where a 2nd floor was added. In September 2003, renovations were completed and C.E.A. Church of God reopened. This marked a milestone in the Pentecostal congregation’s evolution, fueled by the constant growth of the Haitian population in Elizabeth, NJ and the impact that the church was having in the community of Elizabeth, NJ.  C.E.A Church of God has approximately 300 members. As of 2016, by the power of God and through the leadership of our pastor, Dr. Rev. Karl E. Joseph and Dr. Rev. Marie C. Joseph, C.E.A Church of God has been proclaiming and demonstrating the love of God for 40 years.